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Caleb let Pogue drive, having had that last beer, settling in the back with Reid. Hands continuously stroking over some part of the younger boy, pulling him in, brushing his lips along his cheek. Knew Tyler wouldn't notice, the younger boy was stiff and fidgeting in the front seat, so lost in his own head he didn't even realize they'd reached Caleb's until Pogue nudged him.

They said their goodnights quickly, none of them wanting to linger for various reasons, though there was an uncomfortable moment when they reached the second floor and Pogue coaxed Tyler up to the third floor, his old room.

Tyler's eyes glanced back and caught Reid's in some kind of plea, for what Caleb didn't know, and then they were gone.

Reid swallowed and looked away the same time Tyler did, emotions raging. What the hell did Tyler expect him to do? Go save him from what he wanted the most? What kind of logic was that?

There was a part of Tyler that wanted Reid, but not a big enough part of him to make him come his way. And having given Tyler every part of him, their whole lives, Reid had nothing else to give to change that.

Looked up at Caleb as the other two disappeared, smiling softly as all the tension drained, felt that arm around his waist. Brushed his lips across his cheek. Caleb grounded him, was his rock. Couldn't ask for a better friend.

"Well, where am I sleeping? Do I get my own room?"

Caleb pulled him close, chest to chest, arms wrapped tightly around the small of his back. Dipped his head, brushing slow and tender over those soft lips. Coaxing them open gently, tongue stroking between them.

"That depends. Do you want your own room?"

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